Marking VGATonic 'Complete'!

A project log for VGA Graphics Over SPI and Serial - VGATonic

640x480 (and 848x480!) Color VGA Video Card for Microcontrollers and Single Board Computers

PKPK 09/20/2015 at 02:530 Comments

I just flipped the switch on VGATonic from "In Progress" to "Completed" - I realized I hit every bullet point I wanted to hit when I first started this project (in 2014!) and I've added some awesome features along the way.

This, of course, doesn't mean I'm completely done with VGATonic - I've built up a small wishlist of things, but there are no showstoppers remaining. Here's what I've got:

Always Continuing...

Medium Priority

Low Priority

Very Low Priority

Color Palettes - (Let Me Know if This Feature is Worth It!)

Here is an 8 bit color palette, roughly what VGATonic does today (we do true grays though):

Here is a 6 bit color palette, used on, for example, the Sega Master System:

RGB 6bits palette.png

And the other two...

Here is a 4 bit color palette, what VGATonic can do today in 4 bit mode:

RGBI 4bits palette.png

Here is a 3 bit color palette, used on Teletext (and a lot of early computers)

RGB 3bits palette.png