Sparkplug DCDC Converter

Breakout for Micrel MIC24085

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Breakout for Micrel MIC24085
The value of R7 determines the output voltage:
- R7 = 10K, Ouput = 1.2V
- R7 = 4.99K, Ouput = 1.5V
- R7 = 3.32K, Ouput = 1.8V
- R7 = 1.87k, Ouput = 2.5V
- R7 = 1.24k, Ouput = 3.3V
- R7 = 732r, Ouput = 5.0V

so the part is discontinued and I won't be working on this anymore. I have a few Ti DCDC parts that I use in my other designs, perhaps a sparkplug based on one of those in the future, who knows.

  • 1 × MIC24085 Power Management ICs / Switching Regulators and Controllers

  • Fabrication

    AVR08/12/2014 at 18:32 0 comments

    Hey folks! Thanks for being interested in this simple not so exciting project. The good news today is that the PCBs should be coming from the fab house this week ! All thats next is to buy the parts and solder it at my local hackerspace. I will post pictures and information regarding performance.

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Xun Han wrote 02/22/2015 at 10:18 point

want to know more.

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AVR wrote 02/22/2015 at 18:24 point

thanks for following the project. I did build a prototype in June but it had mistakes and didn't work, I since reread the datasheet and made a fix but other work and projects took precedence. I will be fabricating a decent amount of my projects fairly soon and I'll post back here with the new one. In the meantime I'll get the updated design on here.

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