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USB MSD Bootloader for PIC Microcontrollers

JohnnyJohnny 07/22/2020 at 07:102 Comments

About 70% done writing a version for PIC16F145X in assembly.  Will be much smaller in size! I've had a request to make it small enough (under 0x7DB words) so that the first user instruction (user program starts) falls within the first program memory page. This is a requirement so that Great Cow BASIC compiled firmware will work with it. Practically an impossible task written in C. Hopefully won't take too long... If it's easy enough, I might adapt the assembly code to work with the other processors too.


Johnny wrote 06/20/2021 at 18:36 point

Thanks Paul 😀.

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Paul Antoine wrote 06/15/2021 at 00:48 point

Awesome work!

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