Reworked Electronics

A project log for Katka, a mammalian robot

A small walking robot with a mammal-like configuration of legs.

de∫hipude∫hipu 06/26/2015 at 10:230 Comments

Since I have a couple of new boards for #Tote, affordable spider robot, I decided to re-make the electronics for Katka. I got rid of the boost converter and the huge capacitor, using a 3.3V Pro Mini instead of the 5V. I also soldered all the parts on one side of the board, so that it can be attached easily with screws at the top of the robot. The battery is still just strapped to the front -- it has to be there for the center of gravity to be in the right place, unless I bite the bullet and rework the legs too.

I also fixed a very silly bug in the code, which made it ignore all TV remote commands. I still have a quite bad bug in the rotation code somewhere, so turning is not very nice.