Hydro Shoes is a concept to generate the power for life, through the power of water, through the power of living...

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In Development for 2015 contest... planning complete... components on order to work on design. Harnessing the power of water, to generate the power for you life, through the power of living...

The challenge / opportunity:

Getting a source of clean power anywhere in the world through regular usage in life.


In the past I have seen projects designed to gather energy from fixed locations.... for example pressure tiles in a subway designed to reclaim energy of human movement.

The improvement:

Fixed tiles are great... but it is about getting them where the most people travel... and the power still does not travel with the people. In particular in more isolated areas... backpacking in the woods... you would not take tiles with you and put on the trail :-) Or better yet in areas where you just cannot get power... or in times of power outages... this gives you power as you move about your day.

Shoes or more likely a sole attachement is always where you need it to be, to generate the energy you want. Water, the gift of life can be carried with us... and theoretically could be updated with a filtration system... and maybe even full water reclamation systems with filtering eventually added... but that could be a down the road option. Even right now the water could theoretically be still drinkable in the supply you bring with you in the reservoir...

A light weight battery back like a cell phone recharger style could be a great place to store the energy... to be able to provide light or even cellphone / camera power....

  • Updates to shoe plans based on properties of generators

    jcellsworth06/15/2015 at 23:20 0 comments

    Discussed some of the core concepts with fellow colleagues at the . Got some great feedback that continous periods of water flow would be valuable vs small surges. A minimum pressure, and higher flow based on higher pressure system was quickly added to the plans as I considered the feedback of how to make it work, vs just accepting there was reason why it may not work :-)

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