Planting a new crop!

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Open Source Arduino controlled counter-top garden for growing vegetables, herbs, or greens for sustainable foods right in your own home.

Eric WiiliamEric Wiiliam 08/11/2015 at 02:300 Comments

Finally made time to start a new crop in the Urban Kitchen Garden. This is the first part showing how I start my "greens" in small trays. In this case it is mainly lettuce and spinach for tasty sandwich toppings/salad. In the next update I will show how I use the remaining space in this "tall" version of the garden to grow bean sprouts.

Here is the full planting instruction:

Here are the happy little seedlings after 72 hours on the garden. Only 3 hours of time lapse so not a huge amount of growth but they are indeed happily sprouting up and moving around...

Urban Kitchen Garden TimeLapse from MKme Tech on Vimeo.