Quantity   Component name
1 × Koolatron 8 bottle wine cooler sourced from Amazon
1 × Arduino Nano Originally used a Mega but found the NANO capable of basic control
1 × Nokia 5110 LCD Ultra cheap and fantastic LCD
1 × DHT-11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor Cheap on eBay
1 × Real Time Clock Module Tiny RTC I2C version- This keeps track of time of day for light/watering etc
1 × Soil Moisture Sensor Cheap eBay unit with basic analog out
1 × Basic Relay Module Cheap eBay unit for controlling cooling on-off
1 × 12V LED spotlights (2 pack) 27W 6500K Sourced on Amazon- only one needed per build
1 × 120VAC to 12VDC power supply Cheap Amazon 8 amp unit but advise a more robust one
1 × 12V DC fan from graphics card Used to cool the LED module
1 × Aluminum Heat-sink for LEDs Recovered from a Jeep CD player (yep crazy)