A project log for ROBOScythe (lawnmower for meadow)

from scratch ...

Gabor HorvathGabor Horvath 06/30/2019 at 14:491 Comment

The ROBOScythe almost ready for use. 

The new design based on VSLOT 20x20 extruded aluminium

The drive system based on two MG996 servos and GT2 pulleys. Side effect: I created a GT2 Pulley pack on Thingiverse.

The cutting equipment based on a BLDC motor. ( +ESC ) 

The blade has three wings with Robotic lawnmower razors (from OBI). You can use damilhead optionally

The ROBOScythe blade has a shield. And this shield built it with two pressure sensors.

The third "gear" is a tail and stabilizes the device.

And that's all together.


SigridCollins wrote 08/18/2020 at 12:30 point

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