Robotic lawnmower

for meadow
from scratch ...

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I and my cousin started develop a lawnmower. The conception: mobile, automatic, programmable and funny.

We need a lawnmower which is can cut the higher weed also.

The conception about a 3 wheeled cutter.

- Vertical cutter
- 3D local positioning
- Wifi control
- 24h working
- automatic recharging

  • 1 × Drive block with MG996R 3D printed geared
  • 1 × Drive controller with Digispark (Attiny85) Digispark a micro sized controller. Used for wheel control (forward, turn, sense)

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Gabor Horvath wrote 07/03/2015 at 06:03 point

Hi, my main problem - what I recognise in lawnmower concepts - the jam and the bottom mounted rotating blades can't cut the higer grass and weeds.
So, This lawnower will walk slowly and all days, and the hair-clippers format can cut the higher grasses without jam and without human help.
My hair-clippers concept imagined with horizontal vibration (not exactly than the attached image)

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Nathanael Ries wrote 07/02/2015 at 20:54 point

Do you think it might be safer to get rid of the rotating blades and instead duplicate the same concept used in electric hair clippers?

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