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alvarolbalvarolb 08/13/2015 at 16:590 Comments

After too much work building the server, a community forum, and updating the Arduino client libraries, the platform and cloud infrastructure is ready for its opening to some early beta testers. If some of you want to test the platform I can provide you a beta access key. The access is limited to around 100 users to see how it performs and scale. So you can send me a email to, a private message here, or writing your email here so I can provide you a beta access key.

Please, take into account that at this moment the easiest way to test the platform is by connecting a device that can be programmed with the Arduino IDE. The Arduino libraries for the platform currently supports devices like ESP8266, Arduino Ethernet, Arduino Wifi, Arduino + Adafruit CC3000, Arduino Yun, and Texas Instruments CC32000 (with Energia). So, please request the beta access key if you can test with any of those devices. The platform is also compatible with Linux (tested on Raspberry, Intel Edison, Mac, Ubuntu), but it is more complex to start on those systems.

The platform is in a beta state, but at this moment you can connect your device for sensing (reading sensor values or device state), actuating in real-time (turning on/off leds, relays, servos, configuring parameters, etc), and also call endpoints from the device (send email or do a http request). There are many more features that will be released soon, like allowing opening Websockets or Server sent events to device resources, IFTTT integration, Twilio, an so on... this is just the beginning.

So If you want to be one of the first to try the platform... you are welcome!