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Stefan LochbrunnerStefan Lochbrunner 06/16/2015 at 16:560 Comments

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Evolution of the uUSB breakout

As you might guess I got tired of putting together the "VUSB circuitry" so I put it on perfboard. I briefly mentioned the prototype it in #Pro Trinket USB Keyboard in this log.

I didn't quite like the female headers and matching USB cable so when I had some space on a PCB order I designed a better board for it.

Once I had this nicer version of the "VUSB circuit" board there wasn't really a point in keeping all the other duplicates of the board except that it's easy to modify into a generic breakout: just short the pads of the 68Ω resistors and leave the other pads unpopulated.

It can also double as a simple breadboard power supply by feeding the power rails via the PWR thingy. Since the complete bottom layer was unused in v1 I elaborated on the idea of using it as power supply by putting footprints for a voltage regulator on the bottom in v2.


uUSB breakout v3

Added v3 with minor redesign to supersede v2. Now it can act as a power supply with the following modes:

I'm not sure how useful the last mode is going to be, considering the size of the board and redundant pins.