The One Week Crop

A project log for Ufarm Robotix

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tlankford01tlankford01 05/31/2016 at 15:170 Comments

Most crops take a anywhere from several weeks to several months to reach maturity. Conventional farming requires vigilance everyday because even a few hours of mismanagement can wipe out the entire seasons production. With a one week crop, if we have failure this week we are can start all over next week and be successful in a week. The crop that I am talking about is sprouts. There are many varieties but we are going to concentrate on one for the purpose of our project.

Blackoil Sunflower Seed seems to be a good inexpensive hearty variety that we have been using for several years. It has to be purchased in the fall and winter because summer stores have been in the heat and have a lot of dead seed. This variety is largely used in wild bird seed. What makes sunflower sprouts so good to us is that they are packed with nutrients and anti-oxidants. Sprouts are young and full of life energy that makes them especially healthy for you and I to consume. They are 25% protein which make them supper for vegetarians as well.