DS18B20 Library

A project log for Raspberry Pi Wet Incubator/Sous Vide/Slow Cooker

A web and locally controlled sous vide and slow cooker, now turned in to a laboratory water bath/DNA PCR cycler.

staticdet5staticdet5 07/16/2015 at 23:210 Comments

Last night's documentation made me realize that I'd been going about this wrong (bummer, the unit in the field doesn't have this). I had some pretty low level hardware-centric code in the program, instead of breaking it out into a module of its own. A quick re-write today, and the DS18B20 library exists (albeit in a primitive form, for now).

The new system is two parts, really: and The meat is in DS18B20, which contains everything to initialize, discover the thermometers connected to the board, and give out a temperature (in Centigrade. Fahrenheit is on the to-do list). The program simply verifies that the thermometers can be initialized, discovered, and all temps can be displayed.

This is going to speed up deployment, as the project itself is forking. We're basically going to be making two devices at this point. First, we're going to polish the wet incubator (test tube hot water bath), before we add on a cooling system to enable the PCR machine. Second (probably at the same time) we're going to finish making the Sous Vide. I like a gourmet steak.