Switching from Edison to Arduino

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Bicycle-powered road quality measuring and mapping

danielDaniel 08/14/2015 at 06:502 Comments

While we started off with the Intel Edison as the controller for the computer, some flaws or deficiencies soon became apparent:
- It was rather big and clumsy
- It drew a lot of power
- It was a hassle to program, and the IDE (Intel XDK) was extremely slow

We decided to switch to an Arduino Uno for the next iteration, to address these problems as well as to make the project available to a greater number of people already familiar with the platform. As a long time Arduino user myself, this also greatly sped up the development process, even though it initially meant rewriting everything from scratch.

The sensor setup will stay the same for now, as the Grove base module is actually *designed for* the Arduino. Later on we shall develop a custom PCB to house all sensors and displays, to reduce the cost and keep the number of wires to a minimum.

This is a view of the second iteration, still made out of cardboard, but much more compact and neat.

Top: Individual LEDs (left), LED bar graph (right)
Right: GPS module and antenna
Bottom: Accelerometer module (screw-mounted), USB port
Center: Arduino (bottom), Grove base module (top), red electrical tape (everywhere)


davedarko wrote 08/14/2015 at 19:15 point

Ouch, in your face, intel edison...

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Daniel wrote 08/14/2015 at 19:20 point

As a long time Arduino user, it just seemed like a pain to use the IDE and setting everything up... I am sure with practice it would get easier.

Also, the Edison is really overpowered for this task. I want to try and use it for some heavier applications (machine vision, anyone?), but for a bike-mounted sensor device, the Arduino is clearly the better choice.

I am still thankful to Intel for having provided not only the hardware (the Grove modules are awesome, and work with Arduino, too!) but also great support getting everything running during the hackathon. Great fun!

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