A project log for Dekoboko 凸凹

Bicycle-powered road quality measuring and mapping

danielDaniel 09/21/2015 at 07:570 Comments

Unfortunately, we have not been able to update the project in order to compete for a place in the finals for The Hackaday Prize 2015.

This was mostly due to the holiday period, including me spending some time completely off the grid (no electricity even, for some days). Also, since our team is now scattered across continents after the initial hackathon together, cooperation has been more difficult. Finally, there have been some delays in acquiring some new hardware necessary to advance the prototype to the next stage.

We will nevertheless try to continue working on Project Dekoboko. We thank the organizers and everyone who has given support and feedback; we wish the best of luck to all the other participants and look forward to the Hackaday event at the Berlin Maker Faire. :-)