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    Step 1

    We are going to have the LED blink at about on and off on one second intervals (0.5Hz). Fan 1 will turn on at 46C temperature. Fan 2 will turn on at 60C temperature. To have some hysteresis both fans will turn off at 30C temperature.

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    Step 2

    Connect the Microchip MCP9700 temperature sensor up to input channel 1 on the smart servo controller.

    • Pin 1 is +5v
    • Pin 2 is Signal
    • Pin 3 is 0V.
    • Connect the LED to output channel 1. Add a 0.5K resistor between the LED and 0V. The resistor is to limit current through the LED.
    • Connect the relays to outputs 2 and 3. Add free wheeling diodes across the relays to suppress back EMF.

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    Step 3

    Go to the IO Setup Tab,

    • Set the channel 1 input to Analog.
    • Set the output channels 1-3 to Outputs. Set the default state to -1 (off). This will keep the output at the current state even when no rules are active.