AHD: Abstract Hardware Device

My Senior Major Qualifying Project at WPI 2012-2013. An embedded network-able embedded computing node using the Bowler protocol.

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Designed as part of my 2012-2013 senior design project, the major qualifying project as we call it at WPI. The AHD was designed as part of the RoboSub project with 11 other students. The AHD was intended to be WAVE's Standardized Embedded Computing Platform for implementing a module based AUV system. Read more at
Running the the Bowler communication firmware from Neuron Robotics the AHD is controlled and configured by a top level Java program run on a PC communicating over either ethernet or USB tethered. The libraries provided by Neuron Robotics allow for multiple AHDs to be controlled and addressed, this system was chosen for its enormous flexibility and modularity.

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