Camera and Handles

A project log for PiBooth

RaspberryPi photo booth to help capture memories at your events.

John LeemanJohn Leeman 07/27/2015 at 02:120 Comments

I mounted the Pi Camera in the shell of an old Kodak brownie camera. This was a $15 antique shop score that was very easy to modify. I also removed one of the viewfinder lenses and will shine the flashy LED that shows a photo is being taken though it. This will show through one of the ports on the front near the camera. The ribbon cable fed nicely through the slot.

I also used some 1/2" copper tube to make a nice set of handles for the box. I drilled the end-caps to fit a machine (size 8) screw. The screw was then super glued to seal the hole and two-part epoxy poured over the top. This effectively made it a stud. The handles will be mounted to the box with fender washers so that the wood should be harmed when picked up.