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A Raspberry Pi inside of a GameBoy retaining as much of the case as possible and using

daniel-johnsonDaniel Johnson 06/24/2015 at 19:320 Comments

joystick and Analog to Digital Converter came in. I installed them and right after setting up the drivers and getting it to work (While using HDMI as this is a bit easier) the composite output stopped working. I have no clue why, some say that voltage applied to the composite output can damage the SOC. It is definitely dead though as there is not voltage on the output of the composite and when the SD card is plugged into another pi it displays composite just fine. Although I don't recall any voltage being applied here it is certainly possible something may have accidentally slipped, so it looks like the second Raspberry Pi is dead. I've ordered a new Raspberry Pi B and this will be my second time rewiring the Pi. This time I will probably encase the composite connection with some hot glue. The new pi should arrive in the mail next Wednesday. for now I will update about the software I used, the cartridge builds, and the joystick install whenever I get the time.