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A project log for Wireless Energy Monitor with MSP430

A simple wireless monitoring device for energy

eelco.rouweelco.rouw 04/16/2014 at 21:370 Comments

This project is actually a spin off project from my smart greenhouse. I've been wondering how easy it would be to count the light pulses from my energy meter and give me a reading on the current amount of power used by our house.

The system has been super easy. A TEMT6000 module (photo transistor) gives a high pulse when the led of my energy meter pulses. This pulse is recorded by a simple script and a counter is incremented by one. Dividing the counter value by 500 yields the KWh's that have been made during first bootup. 

The counter value is transmitted by a NRF24 module and is received by the raspberry pi. Using the time module and the GPIO/SPI/PiNRF24 modules the data is received and timestamped. Taking the time between two consecutive pulses yields the current power usage.

I am planning to do some on device storage. I'm currently thinking of:

1. Storing the latest values.

2. Aggregating to a daily, weekly, monthly and annual overview.

The new Tiva connected launchpad could also be very interesting as it already has networking support in Energia.

So far my new ramblings, hope to see you later.