Tested software, new board files

A project log for FLIR Lepton Breakout

A simple breakout board for the FLIR Lepton LWIR Camera module specifically giving access to the SPI and I2C pins.

danielDaniel 02/13/2016 at 06:010 Comments

Long ago I tested this version and it worked fine using the PureEngineering software. I have not played with it much since.

However, recently I updated the board to fix previous issues (as discussed before) as well as add a small SMD reset button. Sometimes, the device must be reset to connect properly using the PureEngineering software and so I figured having a button would be neat.

I also made the board fit in 1 sq in for the heck of it. Good practice I suppose. The GitHub repo has been updated with the latest Eagle files.

I think next I will get this fabricated and test it out and perhaps write my own software.

Then, I would like to shrink down to 0402, 4 layers, and add an ARM coprocessor as PureEngineering has done to add to the capability with perhaps an sd card.