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A project log for 32-bit Audio Effects Unit

This is a 32-bit audio effects processor which combines several menu-selectable effects into one unit. 07/29/2015 at 04:350 Comments

7/12: Ran across a description of a Sample & Hold; 13 lines of code later, I have my 15th effect. I'll have to play with the hold time to find the best sound.

7/22: Well, after a few days tracking down a bug caused by combined misreading of the PIC datasheet AND leaving some test code un-commented-out, I finally saw my waveforms change smoothly in response to the pedal magnet. YES!

Tonight I'm off to the local makerspace (Sask TechWorks) to see about printing a case and components.

7/28: after various fits and starts, I got a 'learning prototype' printed - as in '"now i get to see how bad my Sketchup skills are". :)

Being that it was a flat box, the corners pulled up - oops, lesson learned. And I STILL can't figure out how the Makerbot printed several centimeters of (millimeter-sized) horizontal beams WITH NO SUPPORT STRUCTURE! How'dtheydothat?

Anyhow, in spite of the pulling, the important areas printed fine, and showed me some changes that need to be

made for ergonomics. All in all, for a first pass, I'm satisfied.

Tonight it's back to the 'space for more...