This is a cnc I made using the atmega 328 p chip and pure AVR-C to make it all work.

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For this project I challenged myself to make a cnc for the cheapest possible cost, and also to build everything by myself, including the hardware and software. Usually with most cnc projects, to be able to cut, or engrave anything, usually third party g-code interpreters are used, for this project the challenge was to making everything myself from scratch including the code.

For this project I have my own version of G-code being used to program the machine, however it is very primitive, since everything was made in C

However, I have plans enhancing and improving my cnc as well as the code, like including, an interface and user friendly options and maybe also coding my own g-code interpreter.

All in all for this first version it cost me a little over $100, maybe reaching to $200

So of course being made out of wood and within a month it will not be very accurate nor will it be good at cutting certain materials however, I plan to greatly improve my design and work towards making it more stable and rigid.

With the code I developed, I was able to make my name in a piece of styrofoam, in styrofoam, the cnc is most effective, however in wood due to the lack of stability and rigidness, it is not quite as effective which is why you see deviations in the path of the lines.

Instead of relying of plywood I may implement 2 by 4 or someother thicker wood and I implement stronger steppers.

However what I am going to implement is a actually cnc spindle which is around +$205, even though the spindle has a lower max rpm than the dremel the spindle has something the dremel doesn't and that is torque, about 500mn.m which maybe enough to cut through wood effectively.

  • 3 × 17hs8403n longs stepper motor About $60 dollars for all three of them
  • 3 × Sparkfun ROB-10267 EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver About $3-$5 for all three for cheap chinese clones
  • 2 × Large Linear Drawer About $10 from habitat for humanity
  • 2 × Small Linear Drawer About $14 from Princess Auto
  • 1 × Dremel Routory Tool Not really sure about the price, it is a pretty old model though

  • Stage 2

    Alvi Ahmed06/24/2015 at 05:08 0 comments

    Alright stage 1 is already complete this is my first ever cnc I every built I so to accomplish this I researched on ideas and pics of various designs of cnc machines and decided on this one, now that I have completed it, I can further improve upoun it.

    My next steps are to add a wood router, the large kind, lower the overall height of the cnc, replace the linear drawers with metal rods and utilize linear ball bearings, and maybe also some stronger stepper motors, this will obviously drive up the cost however, my next challenge is to convert this into my own personal machine that I can use for other projects.

    This also includes the program, planning on using beagle bone and utilizing python and making my own g-code interpreter, or maybe even making my own program in which some one can draw something, and the cnc can engrave it

  • Stage 1

    Alvi Ahmed06/24/2015 at 05:07 0 comments

    To build a cnc as cheaply as possible, and to make everything myself, including the program that runs the cnc, which is made purely from avr-c

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