Time to get physical

A project log for Marvin the Paranoid Doorbot

A Hitchiker's Guide-inspired door greeter for our local hackspace

JarrettJarrett 04/04/2014 at 21:310 Comments

Jarrett: So we need a body for Marvin.

Tim: Yeah. I guess I'll see if I can grab a doll that my daughter won't miss too much.

Perfect. One problem. It's an amputee.

It also has a bear head, and we need to replace that with an android head.

Let's start with that. First we prep the bear for surgery.

The first rule of our hackspace is "safety third".

This is Jarrett.

This is Jarrett's lab coat.

Appropriate PPE.

Gotta protect your eyes.

And your face.

Grab your scalpel.

At this point, we realised that we needed something to anchor the body to our geodesic dome head, so the bear's head needed to stay. You've been spared this time, bear.