Own-Mailbox: Your mailbox protecting, your privacy

Open-Hardware home-plugged box, to read and write emails privately from anywhere in the world, out of sight of NSA -

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Own-Mailbox is a home-plugged personal email server, with strong privacy protection measures integrated at its core. It provides self-hosted email addresses, or connects with your existing email address. In both cases you can seamlessly send and receive encrypted emails from anywhere in the world, through Own-Mailbox webmail, Smartphone app, or through an external email software (Thunderbird, Outlook,..).

Own-mailbox, is very easy to set-up and use: as easy as a gmail account.

Own-mailbox automatically encrypts your emails with Gnu Privacy Guard, a strong encryption software, the same software as used by Edward Snowden (as in the movie citizenfour).

Own-mailbox allows you to send and receive 100% confidential messages even with people who don't use email encryption yet. For this purpose we introduce PLM, a new technique consisting in sending to your correspondent, a filtered and temporary HTTPS link, pointing to your private message hosted on your Own-Mailbox.

Freedom matters

100% Free Software, 100% Open-Hardware.

Privacy matters.

100% private emails, 100% secure, 100% auditable.

Own-Mailbox is yours

We make everything so you are the only one in control, we are not.

Own-Mailbox is easy to use

We want to make sure it is usable by anyone.

Made with Love

We do this in an attempt to do good for humanity!

Access from anywhere in the world.

You can access your emails, through a webmail, email software, or via your smartphone through an app. Anyway you access it, communications will be encrypted to preserve your privacy.

Main features

You can create 100% self-hosted mailboxes.

Own-Mailbox allows you to easily send and receive confidential emails with an already existing email address, from any computer in the world.

Strong private key encryption with Gnu Privacy Gard.

Private Link Message method, allows you to send a private message even to people who don't use encryption, by sending them a temporary and filtered HTTPS link.

Private Folder: make your most private data accessible only from home, not from Internet.

Easy access to logs, so you can check no one is accessing your emails without your consent.

Integrated Framasoft services, to provide you with private large file sharing, event scheduling, shared spreadsheet and documents.

Optional P2P backup, so even if your Own-Mailbox is offline temporarily you don't lose any email from your self-hosted addresses as long as you maintain 70% up ratio.

If you cannot plug your Own-Mailbox to a stable Internet Connection anymore, plug it in mini-usb to your computer, access your old and new emails with our recovery software.

16GB storage, possibility to extend memory or do backup via USB drive/HDD.

Very low power.

  • 1 × imx233 In first version of the circuit
  • 1 × Allwinner A13 In the second version of the circuit
  • 1 × Ram Power Management ICs / Power Supply Modules
  • 1 × Micro-SD card
  • 1 × Ethernet 10/100 Transpho

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Pierre Parent wrote 08/20/2015 at 17:31 point


Hi, I don't know where you saw that hushmail is free but it does not seem to be ( ). It even seems to be pretty expensive. When you try to crate an account they immediatly ask you for your credit card.

But more important, those services are not trustworthy, because the companies keep the power to spy on you. see:


* (For the example of hushmail which shows they still spied on the users)

Own-mailbox offers you the possibility to be in control, noone has power over you. Because everything is at your home, and everything is free software and open-hardware.

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javier_falbo wrote 08/19/2015 at 14:36 point

Nice, but there are similars on internet now like , which are free. So why use this?? if we have some FREE others on internet? :)

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Pierre Parent wrote 06/25/2015 at 14:23 point


Thanks for your message!

I not sure you can do it with TP-Link 704N without modifying the hardware, given the low amount of Ram in TP-Link 704N, and its low amout of flash memory.


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Joao Ribeiro wrote 06/25/2015 at 13:59 point

Well, I can do this with a TP-Link 704N + OpenWRT.

Great job making the ready system easier and more accessible to the common user.  :-)

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