BowlerStudio generates walking robot you can print out

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kevin-harringtonKevin Harrington 08/02/2015 at 23:340 Comments

This robot was generated by BowlerStudio based on a simple slide-bar style interface. The robot parts were generated an then sent to my 3d printer and printed out. I assembled the robot and used BowlerStudio to calibrate it in about an hour (full assembly and calibration in that time). Then i just give the command to walk with the game controller and away it goes. You can see the live 3d visualization of the robot on the screen behind it. Notice the way all the legs are all swept back or forward, that is a trick i figured out to use cheap servos and distribute the load across them. most hexapods do not do this because the control math would be much too difficult. In BowlerStudio, it starts with the math solved, then generates the robot that implements it.