Kids test out BowlerStudio, big success!

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kevin-harringtonKevin Harrington 08/13/2015 at 15:420 Comments

This week we took BowlerStudio on the road. We taught a class of 15 students ages 9-14 years old, kids programming. We went through variables and functions by making calls to JCSG. The students made each step in their own Github Gist, so that have a step by step record of everything they did. We used the history to show them how to find changes and differences,and to look at what they had done. To check their code, they would run it in BowlerStudio and see the 3d shapes start to appear on the screen. They each made a little R2D2 model and then attached that model to the walking robot and was able to drive it around! I have no pictures because of rules involving kids and pictures, but they all made it through and got hier robot modeled and driving from source code in 1 week of 3 hour sessions.