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A project log for BowlerStudio: A robotics development platform

Make cooler robots, faster and with less effort.

kevin-harringtonKevin Harrington 08/16/2015 at 14:300 Comments

Neuron Robotics Cooperative is a worker owned enterprise that designs and deploys robot controllers to make the process or building robots easy. While i understand that is a bold statement, we have built software based on top-tier research grade and medically certified robotics control platform, and added an easy to use and learn application interface, BowlerStudio.

To that end, the DyIO and BowlerStudio should be concidered as one project, seperated out here on for the purpose of making each easier for members of the site to understand.

That said, we have already begun using this robotics design platform as a way to teach kids programming, and keep their attention from day one with robots! We use a Java based platform to teach programmatic CAD, and then attach that CAD to kinematics models and let the kids see each step of the way what they are creating. The Dyio takes that excitement out of the computer and brings to life the printed parts that the students generated. We see this platform solving the large air-gap in the learning process between introduction to the concept of programming and building robots, and the final satisfaction of having actually created a robot. By closing this gap it is easier to keep up the excitement for learning, and increasing student engagement.

Basically it makes learning fun again because robots are inherently engaging.