CLojure, Git and cloud mode for Robots. Tweet a robot?

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kevin-harringtonKevin Harrington 09/08/2015 at 15:130 Comments

I have made a bunch of usability and performance updates. The first big one is the moving of Creature definitions into a git hosted file. this is neat because the config file has hyperlinks to its remote files to define its kinematic, cad and walking engine. this means the entirety of a robot, its cad, kinematics and run code can all be sent to another user in a ready-to-use form through a tweet!

As in, if you open this link:

in BowlerStudio via Menu>Add Device>Creatures>FromGist...

you will get a robot, all cad generated, and ready to walk.

In the latest revision i have also added Clojure as a supported language, so all you functional programming purest can now use a Lisp to build robots.

And the last feature is invisible, but powerful. In the background all files are cached to the disk using Git and are being pushed to git when saved. I will slowly move all of the configurations into a specifically structured set of files that cna be stored if your personal git repo.

I am working on a feature where the DyIo stores a git repo URL as its "default" code, so a DyIOs code can travel with it...