Animatronics! I made a slide-bar parametric animatronics head

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Kevin HarringtonKevin Harrington 07/01/2016 at 16:040 Comments

So this is a neat way to use BowlerStudio. One of my biggest frustrations with downloading a laser cut design is having a different thickness material then they used, a different servo, different bolt and so on. I started with slide bars to control those so anyone could make this with whatever parts they had laying around. I then noticed that i could parameterize all the aesthetic choices too. You can change the snout length, the head diameter, the eye distance, even the size of the eyes independently. I may need to make a new project just for this.

Oh, and its just 990 lines of code in total to do all that!

and the source for anyone with BowlerStudio that wants to play with it themselves: