Arduino in BowlerStudio: A whole new perspective on 'full stack'

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Kevin HarringtonKevin Harrington 08/01/2016 at 14:180 Comments

BowlerStudio is a neat runtime for bootstrapping files out of git repos and quickly putting them to use. I have used this trick for CAD, for AI, and for kinematics control. Now i have finally added a new domain: Microcontroller code!. You can now push arduino firmwares as *part of your normal code flow* inside any bowler studio language. The trick is treading .ino files as a scripting language like any other, and then pushing it through the normal arduino command line interface.

I also ported over the DyIO firmware to arduino (fair warning it needs a Mega or Curie for the full IO controller code at the moment). I did get the standard bowler communication stack working on a standard arduino Uno, as well as extending it with arbitrary processing on the arduino called from a groovy script, loaded at runtime, and then called by the same script. Pretty trippy when you think about it...

I have added a few examples of this here: These work in BowlerStudio 0.18.11 and up and need Arduino 1.5 or greater installed (all done by the ppa now, linux is the easy one)