Big update in CAD engine!

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Kevin HarringtonKevin Harrington 12/29/2016 at 16:590 Comments

I have added 3 components to the CAD engine, Text extrude with fonts, SVG loading and extrusion, and extrusion along a Bezier path.

In version 0.20.0+ you can use all of these new API's. I have also changed the name of the dependent library to JavaCad from JCSG to avoid looping dependency conflicts (long story, trying to work it out with the upstream developer).

I have also discovered exactly WHY the Curiosity rover and any other powered wheel thing doesn't work, there seems to be some issue in Jbullet HingeConstraint that causes angles of -180 or 180 to snap to 0 degrees instead of continuing to roll over. instantaneously, causing control loop governing them to go nuts. I am working on implementing the driving vehicle physics engine example for wheeled devices, but that will make molecularity a problem down the line :/ Passive wheels such as the cart do not seem to suffer from this, which is curious, or maybe they do and it doesn't matter because there is no control loop driving it out of control.