0.20.2 Rotations, cameras and deep copy, oh my!

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kevin-harringtonKevin Harrington 12/31/2016 at 16:490 Comments

OK! I just pushed a new release with a very important fix. The rotation library i was relying on (mine) was giving errors sometimes and causing a whole bunch of other bugs. Should have done this all along:

and while i was in there I made a few Ui navigation updates, namely when you click on stuff the camera smoothly pans to it, rahter than jumping all around. and when the mouse goes idle for 10 seconds, it begins to auto-spin around the object (video game UI trick). you cna disable that with a checkbox, btw. and a small issue i keep running into, when you make a copy of a creature it attempts to maintain the hyperlinked connection to the scripts, now the copy does a deep copy into a single repo with all the scripts. if the script calls a script, that stays as a hyperlink, but things like the walking script, since if i copy a robot i geta hyperlink to my esisting walking script and if i edit it i mess up another robot