Free BowlerStudio class! (as a weekly google Hangout)

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kevin-harringtonKevin Harrington 01/13/2017 at 16:100 Comments

I am hoping to get a bunch of people up to speed with BowlerStudio so I am offering an introduction to BowlerStudio. This will be a set of classes where i will walk you through the process of building robots with BowlerStudio. I will be recording these sessions for anyone that comes later, but if you want to ask questions and get help you will need to attend the final class time. I have posted a when2meet to gather interest, and when a time is selected i will post back here.

As for prerequisites, this is *not* an introduction to programming class, so the ability to read and write object oriented (or functional) code is a must. I will be instructing using Groovy (Java) in most of the classes for the sake of consistency. I will briefly introduce using Python, Clojure and creating a custom Domain Specific Language. We will cover the scripting system, the git-as-filesystem architecture, the kinematics framework, the CAD engine, the physics engine, Arduino code and Bowler Protocol integration, offline headless deployment all while exploring the BowlerStudio Integrated Development Environment for full-stack robotics.