Proudly introducing SDuino ZERO

A project log for SD card sized board, let's say "SDuino"!

Once I was excited to see Intel's announce that they will release "SD card sized computer" but it was not true. This time I made it true!

kodera2tkodera2t 08/29/2015 at 13:322 Comments

I would proudly present NEW generation of SDuino,


SDuino with Atmel SAMD21G18A, ARM architecture MCU SDuino, which is full compatible to Arduino Zero!!!!!!!

Before wiring.

Just before wiring!

Writing Arduino Zero boot loader by ATmel ICE

Here you have!!! No need for FTDI anymore, just USB connection is enough to upload your binary!!!!!


Bill Rowe wrote 08/31/2015 at 13:17 point

wonderful work, congrat

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kodera2t wrote 08/31/2015 at 13:52 point

Thank you for encouraging message! Actually now it is getting "metamorphic SD card" but I could learn a lot about AVR and Atmel ARM chip. thank you!

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