SDuino Zero can drive OLED display!

A project log for SD card sized board, let's say "SDuino"!

Once I was excited to see Intel's announce that they will release "SD card sized computer" but it was not true. This time I made it true!

kodera2tkodera2t 08/30/2015 at 02:200 Comments

So I test my SDuino Zero driving OLED display.

New SDuino Zero does not have serial I/O. Instead, it has

USB interface!

I change the pin assignment Tx to D+ of USB, RX to D- of USB. Except for that, pinout has same as original SDuino, meaning I2C interface.

I quickly upload the OLED driving test sketch through USB. Just applying voltage, SDuino Zero working with powerful potential. It is 32bit ARM architecture with 256kB flush memory, 32kB SRAM.

Schematic and board information is released on github !

Here you are watching future! Details can be found in the following movie!

Have fun!