LCD/controller board! huzzah!

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Home brew head mounted display/virtual reality hacking project.

j0nnoj0nno 07/16/2015 at 02:340 Comments

Still waiting for at least two electronic components in the mail - I'm constantly pondering how a packet of IR LED's and a packet of 22ohm resistors takes more than a couple of days to arrive in the mail, but I hear the Chinese postal service is insane and I should expect a wait of over 40 days before complaining. Which confuses me, the LCD/controller board I ordered last week arrived today yet I ordered the LED's and resistors two and a half weeks ago. The impatient and figidity hacker in me wants to build now!

The screen and controller board arrived today. There's a bit of a scratch across the surface of the protective film on the screen, but luckily whatever scratched it didn't go through and damage the actual screen. It's tonnes lighter than I thought it would be, I'm afraid to handle it in case a I crush/crack it with my big clumsy man hands as I hear these screens are very fragile. Here's a shot to give an idea of how it's going in the goggles (with the metal frame around the outside it doesn't fit, but I'm going to strip it down before the actual build anyway):

Can't actually test the board or the screen at the moment, as I don't believe I have 12v DC power supply but if one pops up I'll be sure to post a project log. Happy hacking.