IR LED array prototype

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j0nnoj0nno 04/07/2016 at 11:210 Comments

In an earlier log, I outlined how I worked out how little I knew about electronics. The only piece of "hand wired" (for a lack of a better term) circuitry is a simple parallel LED array - I spent a day or two trying to visualize how I would physically lay this circuit out (circuit diagram is also in earlier log). On top of that I have little soldering experience so as practice I have prototyped the circuit using regular LED's - lest I destroy the IR LED's (which were surprisingly hard to come by if I remember correctly).

Soldering practice - setting the ground connections up and derpin about

I soldered an orange colored wire between the ground connections and the battery ground as I ran out of black wire, I find the lack of color continuity disturbing

LED ground connections setup

Resistors and power connected, all LED's are green. Huzzah!

I'm pretty happy with how it all went together - I already feel more confident with a soldering iron. The LED's are a little dimmer than I expected, I don't know how much this will effect how visible the IR LED's are to the PS3 cam so I may have to use resistors with a lower resistance (I believe these ones are 82 ohms).

Next up is removing the IR filter from the PS3 Eye.