Equus is based on the following points.

Green life: Re purposing what ever materials we can into a safe environment for homeless families to live in.

Give them the tools to live: You cannot live without a proper place to sleep, just like cannot live without food. We will make sure that our clients are able to get a goodnight sleep, have a meal, and be washed and ready to nail that interview.

Providing a stable ground: Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he will never go hungry. My team will show our clients how to get back into the workplace and support their families.

Support for life choices: Everyone needs help, and we can all help each other. My team will listen to the families we care for and address them properly. Be it money issues, advice on interviews, or simple job help, we will make sure you can continue onward and prosper.

Freedom: We know you wont always need us by your side, and that you want to be independent. So when the time comes we would like to relocate your Equus Trailer to your work location (or other) provided we are given permission from both parties to do so.

Giving back to the community: All we ask is that you try your hardest and succeed to provide for your families needs and that you give back to the community so that we may keep helping other families grow.