Firstly, it is important to mention a few safety details about this project. Besides the obvious danger of radiation exposure, there are also several inherent risks from the power supply systems in OpenCTX.

There are two main power supplies in the scanner:

  1. System Power Supply - This supply generates ~56V at 37A or thereabouts. It's a big supply and a short circuit is going to give you a bad time. The supply I used also required some mains rewiring, which is not for the faint hearted. This being said, the final output voltage is not likely to hurt you.
  2. Tube HV Supply - This is the supply that generates up to 70kV at 10mA for the XRay tube. This is a lot of energy. Conventional wisdom states that you need about 100mA of current flowing through you to kill. This supply can't manage that, but believe me when I tell you that a 70kV shock will throw you across the room and have you crying for Mummy without any trouble.

    *HOWEVER* this isn't the full story. Intermediate stages in the HV Supply will produce such voltages as 2000 Volts at several hundred milliAmperes. This is very dangerous, if you come into contact with this during supply operation there is a very real danger that you will be electrocuted! I.e. killed! Be careful!

tl;dr - The power supplies in OpenCTX are more than capable of killing a person. Unless you are comfortable with dealing with HV, this is not a project for you.