Quantity   Component name
1 × PCB from the Githubs
1 × TMP300B Sensors / Temperature, Thermal
2 × 0603 resistors for temperature programming You can do it with 1, but 2 allows for more precise temperature programming
1 × 0603 dropping resistor for LED I am using a 0 Ohm resistor due to the high forward voltage of my blue LED
1 × 0603 LED Use one that is as bright as possible with the least amount of current draw
1 × 1.8v-18V power source In the case of my initial design, I am using a 10F supercapacitor. Could be a solar cell, coin cell battery, etc. Make sure it can deliver enough current to light the LED/
1 × 0.1" header For power/charging
1 × Water tight food safe container I am using the World's smallest Nalgene bottle
1 × Balast weight to sink your indicator Small washers or nuts work well here