An Open Source implementation of the human hand as a robotic prosthetic hand.

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Current prosthetic hands have limited functionality and/or are very much cost prohibitive. Inodex will be designed as a cost effective anthropomorphic prosthetic hand incorporating 4 individually actuated fingers. In addition to the self actuated thumb which includes powered thumb roll articulation which seems to be unseen in commercial products. The hand will contain a battery and an Arduino Nano V3.0 which features an ATMEL MEGA 328P. There will be many options for control algorithms and the prototype will serve as a platform for future programming efforts. Most of the parts contained in this prototype will be 3D Printed using my Rostock Max V1 Delta Printer I built during the winter of 2013. All 3D Printed parts will be made from 1.75mm ABS Filament in whatever colors I have available to me, I do have some 1.75mm Conductive PLA from Proto-Pasta that I would like to incorporate somehow.

I will use mini geared motors to actuate each one of the fingers individually and 2 of the motors to actuate the thumb and perform the thumb roll. I think with an automated thumb roll the InoDex prosthetic hand will be able to better simulate the human hand allowing for a much wider range of grips. The motors will use a worm gear to rotate a gear with a reel connected to it. By rotating the reel a cable will be wound around it and the fingers will be actuated, the joints of the fingers will have to have some sort of spring action which will open the finger as the cable is un-wound and hold them open until they are actuated again.

The bending of the thumb will work in the same way and the whole mechanism the thumb, motor, gear, and reel are on is going to roll by way of another mini geared motor. Everything is going to be powered by a lithium ion battery and the brains of the InoDex Prosthetic hand will be an Arduino Nano V3.0. I am not the best programmer so developing the firmware for InoDex may be one of the most difficult parts of this whole project.

My hopes are to eventually develop the InoDex to the point that everything can be controlled by signals from the users muscles through pads attached to the remaining limb. I think through the use of 3D Printing and inexpensive development boards will bring this technology to those who can not afford to spend thousands of dollars for prosthesis that perform similar functions, if I were to have an accident something like this would be my only hope and I want to make sure this is available for those in need.

  • 6 × Mini Geared Motor Model N20 DC 6V 30RPM Mini Metal Gear Motor with Gearwheel 3mm Shaft Diameter
  • 1 × Arduino Nano V3.0 Mini development board featuring an Atmel MEGA 328P
  • 4 × 3D Printed Finger Mechanisms Printed on my Rostock Max V1 Delta
  • 1 × 3D Printed Thumb Mechanisms Printed on my Rostock Max V1 Delta
  • 5 × 160mm long cables or lengths of Fishing Line

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  • Chassis Plate Image Upload

    paul07/02/2015 at 22:51 0 comments

    I have just uploaded a PNG export of my chassis plate with the holes for mounting the motor gear and reel. It is not finished yet, I still need to add mounting points for the upper and lower covers and the wrist connection. I just wanted to get something up to show some progress, its hard while working a full time job as the IT Director of a large company and also being a full time dad to 4 beautiful girls, full time husband to my beautiful wife and then getting this project along with my other 3D Printer related projects off the ground!

    "If you're not grinding every day then you will never experience greatness, wealth, and happiness!" --> PDK

  • Design Phase

    paul06/27/2015 at 20:57 0 comments

    I am currently working on the design of each of the parts making up the InoDex Prosthetic Hand, As I complete each part I will be posting an image of the part. I am designing InoDex using Autodesk Inventor Professional 2015 CAD software, which is great and so easy to use in my opinion.

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