A project log for PiP: Raspberry Pi Portable Slate Computer

This is PiP, the portable raspberry pi computer. It runs off of batteries and can do anything a linux pc can and more! No floppys required.

elliot-goofeElliot Goofe 01/15/2018 at 12:310 Comments

I decided to finally dust off this portable and update the distro. (I downloaded Raspbian Stretch not knowing it didn't officially support EmulationStation/RetroPie yet. I'm going to buy a SD card switcher and once I get another Micro SD card I will add RetroPie to it via Jessie. I'm just glad to have this ticking nicely again. The touchscreen on my 5" HDMI backpack seems to have lost it's calibration during the process. But I've had issues with that for a while now. It may be a lost cause for now since It's difficult to get a Micro USB cable down far enough to plug into the LCD for re-calibrating. I've been using this air mouse currently and it works like a charm!

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