Quantity   Component name
1 × Raspberry Pi B+ Board My Pi is such a great tool! What a wonderful bundle of joy in one credit card sized computer. It only has 3 accesible USB ports available due to lcd.
1 × Adafruit 5" resistive touch hdmi backpack screen This little guy is perfect for fitting in small projects.
1 × Tenergy 8000mAh Ultra Slim Dual Port Power Bank I got this as a Black Friday steal. Very efficient and lasts a long while! I used the 2amp port so the Pi can run a lcd, cam, wifi, and bt, but brightness needs to be low for power consumption with extras.
1 × PacTec Case Enclosure I had this from years back when I was making portable game consoles. It snaps together and holds very tight. I sprayed it with ILVA, an Italian polyurethane. It is Raspberry Red on the front and Matte Black on the back half. Case was hand cut for screen and ports.
1 × Right Angled HDMI cable I had to cut one end of the cord and solder a bare connector to fit inside the case, it's snug!
1 × Micro USB plug and socket Used to extend the leads to charge the battery inside the case and to power the Pi.
1 × Micro switches For powering on the battery, running power to the Pi, and changing screen brightness.
1 × 3.5mm Headphone Jack I soldered to a 3.5mm plug for using audio. Mounted socket to case.
1 × Plastic Epoxy, Gorilla Glue, & Glue Gun. Electrical tape, Mounting posts. Also A soldering station. This is the part where you put it together now. Check out my instructions!