Minimalist Handheld Color Console

Inexpensive game console that can be used to play and make games.

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The purpose of this project is to build an inexpensive game console for retro and minimalist games.

Components where chosen following the requirement of being easy to find, easy to build with and inexpensive.

All components cost less that 20 USD and the whole project should take an afternoon or less to build.

There are already 2 open source games you can play on it, Tetris and Breakout, and they're both available at

More games will come soon. Obviously you can make your own games too and share them to the community.

This is a fairly easy project to build.

Build instructions are at:

Feel free to contact me if you ruin into any issue. I'll be glad to help in what I can.

Game play demos:

  • 1 × Arduino Mini 3.3v 8MHz
  • 1 × Color TFT 2.2'' TFT with ILI9341 controller
  • 1 × Analogue Joystick PS 3 type joysitck
  • 1 × Mini buzzer
  • 1 × Battery holder

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