Telmewen: Custom Event Notification Device

Wireless custom event notification device utilizing Intel Edison Development Board with built in Bluetooth and Texas Instruments Sensors.

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It is a core technology that allows you to be notified of pre-set custom events. It includes hardware, software and UI (Mobile Device, Email or Cloud). The emphasis is placed on SIMPLICITY. It is designed for users who have no hardware or software experience to be able to be notified of events. The core technology exists, with many different sensors which wirelessly connect to the core device. The goal is to create a low cost, off the shelf product which can be easily used for customizable event notification.

Tell Me When:

Examples are:

Telmewen the door or window is open or closed.
Telmewen the door is locked / unlocked.
Telmewen the temperature is higher than 78 deg, or lower than 45 deg.
Telmewen the trash bin is full.
Telmewen this sales display is almost empty.
Telmewen the humidity level rises above 10%.

Using Intel Edison development board with built in bluetooth to connect to Texas Instruments Wireless Sensor bundle as prototype.

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