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A project log for A better Bluetooth Speaker

A Stereo speaker with SPDIF, analog and Bluetooth inputs and DSP

StiggaliciousStiggalicious 07/24/2015 at 04:440 Comments

Apologies those few people following this project, as I have had to take a nice vacation in Alaska. Motorcycling through that state definitely is the best way to explore the vast, untouched expanses of the world.

Sometimes, you just have to get away from the bustling tech-filled life and enjoy the true outdoors for a week.

Anyhoo, I got boards back, placed components on the PCB with hours of non-sober soldering, turned on the power supply, and realized it was hitting its current limit pretty quickly. No smoke, but definitely warm components. I've identified it to be somewhere near the SPDIF receiver (which is strange because I've used that same part before). Right now it pulls ~100mA, where it should be pulling only 25mA or so.

I also noticed that I completely forgot to assign the pins to the PLL power supply on the ADAU1701. Whoops, but that's why I prototype with leaded packages!

Modifications are on the way, but work is busy and I am moving in the next two weeks. Don't expect miracles =]