• It's not brewing...

    morgan03/30/2014 at 20:30 0 comments

    But it is logging the light level of my room!


  • Getting pumped..

    morgan03/30/2014 at 04:12 0 comments

    Although I don't have a pump yet. Or any hardware for that matter. Or the space to put it....

    All those shortcomings aside I am very excited for this project.

    I brewed beer for about 10 years until the final 3 as a professional left the practice highly undesirable. Luckily that was quite a long time ago and over the last several years I've wanted to resume, but do to lack of space have been unable.

    In 30 days that changes. I am moving to a much larger space and getting back to brewing is going to be project priority #1. And of course it must out-do any brewery I've built before, so it will finally be the automated system I've always wanted.