Working on Arduino Library - now with string support

A project log for tiny7

small seven segment display for plugging on an ISP programming header of an Atmel Board or an Arduino

AlexAlex 10/25/2015 at 21:540 Comments

After fixing my five digit tiny7, which broke during my Berlin trip, I started to improve the Arduino Library. I found out that using the print class would be very handy. Many people are familiar with this because it is also used for the Serial communication. till now not all function and only a reduced set of ASCII characters are supported but code like this works already:

#include <tiny7.h>
tiny7 myTiny7;

void setup() {
  myTiny7.begin(5);	  //5 segments
void loop() {;}
The result is this:

Next I will expand my character set to full ASCII and I will also add support for dots.