Now full .print() support and something like .printf()

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small seven segment display for plugging on an ISP programming header of an Atmel Board or an Arduino

AlexAlex 10/26/2015 at 20:531 Comment

Soooo . the .print() support is ready. The mapping of all 127 ASCII chars to a seven segments display took some time but so far I did found no error. I will upload the updated library today or tomorrow.

I did also add a function .printf() which is similar to stdio.h's. This page was very helpful doing that. So now I can use this code:

(note: ` is the only ASCII char wich is mapped to another symbol ( ° ). ° is not part of ASCII code and ` is the same as ' on seven segments displays)

This is the result on the display;

As you can see it is working on an ATtiny (ATtiny85 used as Trinket). Arduino Nano is also tested and working. I do not have yet other types of Arduinos to test it, but I will test this on my ESP board soon.


alpha_ninja wrote 10/26/2015 at 22:43 point

Very nice!

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